A laser therapy with the PhiLaser Type-V is the most effective way to treat vascular veins and improve the overall skin condition by reducing visible imperfections of this type.

The vein removal treatment is a great solution for unwanted veins, diminishing the appearance of multiple types of veins including, spider veins and reticular veins with no incisions and minimal discomfort. It also removes broken capillares and blood vessels on the face. This machine uses the latest technology to coagulate the skin vessels without the need for uncomfortable injections.

Compared to vein ligation and stripping, a treatment with the PhiLaser Type-V is more comfortable and painless for the client. In addition, the recovery process is also shorter and outstanding results are achieved overall.

Warranty: 2 years


After you recieve the machine, you get unlimited access to the Craft Master online guide covering all the instructions and tips how to properly use this device. You will be unlocked at Craft Master with the email address you used to purchase it.


Laser Type:   Diode Laser
Interface:   10-Inch Color Touch Screen
Laser power:    Works with 220V – otherwise only usable with transformer, e.g. AC 110 V +- 10% 50 Hz (with transformer).
Laser Wavelength:   980 nm
Pulse width:   20 – 100 ms adjustable
Cooling:   Air
Operating Mode:   Pulse Mode
Output Method:   0,180 ms – 900 ms
Output Method:   Fiber Output
Machine size:   35x30x30 cm; net weigth: 7,3 kg
Package size:   57x48x43 cm gross weigth: 18,9 kg

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