The PhiLaser Type-HC is a laser device with electrolysis system that permanently removes single hairs and capillares. A treatment with this laser also improves the texture and skin tone. Through such a laser treatment, it is possible to non-invasively and non-surgically build up the skin and remove unwanted hair and capillares at the same time.

Type-HC enables effective, non invasive and non-surgical treatment with skin rebuilding benefits for a smoother and more even skin. Optimal for those who want to offer skin care treatments using the latest technology for their clients.

With the purchase of the machine you also get unlimited access to the CraftMaster online manual for the correct use including hints.

Warranty: 2 years


After you recieve the machine, you get unlimited access to the Craft Master online guide covering all the instructions and tips how to properly use this device. You will be unlocked at Craft Master with the email address you used to purchase it.


Energy Source:   High Frequency RF
Interface:   8-inch LCD monitor
Laser power:   Works with 220V – otherwise only usable with transformer, e.g. AC 110 V +- 10% 50 Hz (with transformer).
Frequency:   30 MHz
Pulse Width:   2-50 ms
RF Energy:   1-100 ms
Dual Operation Mode:   Hair Electrolysis System Capillary Removal
Needle Length:   7 mm
Machine Size:   30x26x20 cm; net weight 4,5 kg

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