PhiNoderm Tango ultrafiller is a skin roller advanced kit, intended for rejuvenation of mature and dry skin.

The special serum formula together with the advanced skin roller combat the signs of aging, such as: loss of skin firmness, appearance of fine lines, start of wrinkles, dry skin and reduced skin elasticity.

Phi skin roller with ultra fine needles, creates tiny micro-injuries on the upper layer of the skin, without irritation or skin damage. To combat these micro-injuries, your body sends collagen and elastin to the area while it heals.

Performing the treatment with PhiNoderm Tango Ultra filler serum, supposedly opens up your skin, helping it absorb moisture.

The kit includes the Tango Filler serum, Phi Skin roller, after treatment masks and all the other necessities to perform this treatment.

Contains a total of 4 kits.

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