Shiny & healthy hair?

Discover the supreme nourishing Phi Hair Care set:

No matter how damaged your hair is from colouring, straightening or blow-drying, start renewing your hair now!

PhiHair Moisture

PhiHair Moisture is a spray that specifically provides dry hair with shine and makes it appear healthy.

Various environmental influences such as UV rays, aggressive chemicals, chlorine or other irritants affect the health and balance of the hair on a daily basis. The special moisture barrier formula forms a film protection over the single hair immediately after application to prevent the entry of harmful substances. It also locks in hair colour, prevents it from drying out and combats frizz.
The protective formula helps with growth, moisturises and gently detangles the hair.

PhiHair Balsam

PhiHair Balm is a deeply nourishing conditioner designed to repair hair damage and prevent hair breakage. It also brings dry and dull hair back to life.

The rich mixture of essential hair nutrients acts like a moisture bomb, restoring shine and smoothness by closing the outer hair layer and strengthening the hair from inside. The conditioner provides hair with multiple moisture boosters without feeling heavy – perfect for those who need a lot of moisture and love the feeling of weightlessness.

Ideal for keeping hair colour covered. With regular use, the texture of the hair is continually improved.

PhiHair Shampoo

PhiHair Shampoo is a hair care shampoo specially formulated to repair damaged hair while restoring its natural shine. This ensures smooth combability of the hair, without tearing or breaking.

The shampoo is ideal for hair extensions to prevent damage to the natural hair and to care for and repair it after the hair extensions have been removed. It protects against dryness and provides deep moisture through a mixture of special nutrients.

PhiHair Shampoo protects hair from environmental elements and removes unwanted product build-up. The formula is very gentle, which is extremely important for hair extensions, and still provides extremely effective nourishing benefits. It works deep into the hair to balance the pH and provide proper repair care.

Regular use provides much healthier hair with a clean texture.

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