PhiBrows Microblading Pigment Set is a collection of 5 SUPE pigments that covers all client needs in terms of colour.

We have developed and continuously improved the PhiBrows pigments over years. The result is now the purest microblading eyebrows colour on the market.

No more reds, blues or greys!

One of the most important features of our PhiBrows SUPE pigments is that they contain 0% heavy metals. So there is no more risk of discolouration of the eyebrows.

Why SUPE is the most powerful microblading pigment on the market:

Due to its hydrophobic liquid, it does not mix with water and therefore ensures the creation of very precise strokes.

The pigment is bioinert, which means that no unwanted reactions (for example, swelling, allergies, infections or itching) can occur during the treatment.

The microblading pigment is designed in a way that the organism does not see it as a foreign body.

The coating process provides protection from exposure to UV rays.

The additives contained in our microblading pigments serve to soothe the skin and play a positive role in faster healing, leading to better results.

The kit contains the following pigments:

Golden Brown: This microblading colour is used on very light natural hair and skin.

Brown 1: For people with naturally blonde hair, microblading with Brown 1 is used.

Brown 2: This is the most commonly used microblading pigment as most people have brown hair and it is also versatile. It is used on brunette hair, but also on blonde people in small amounts or on black-haired clients with light skin.

Brown 3: This microblading colour is intended for people with dark hair and a dark complexion.

Fox: The pigment is used on people who have fair skin, natural red pigments and/or freckles.

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