A revolutionary breakthrough for beautiful skin: microneedling applicator carefully designed by ultimate beauty experts for achieving the best possible effects at home conditions.

Treatment scope:

Anti-aging: reduces lines and wrinkles
Loose skin: tightens and restores elasticity
Shallow acne scars: reduces visibility and appearance of acne scars
Hyperpigmentation: reduces hyperpigmentation traces

New innovative construction features the most advanced needles made of surgical steel of the highest quality, laser sharpened, which makes the device long-lasting and prevents negative interaction with the skin. The needles are 0.5mm long which, as opposed to shorter needles, stimulates new collagen production thus affecting the regeneration of treated areas. This treatment is seen as reduction of small wrinkles, mild stretch marks, acne scars, as well as reduction of hyperpigmentation and sun spots, if used on regular basis.

At the same time, it can be used without an anesthetic since the treatment is painless. Special construction with MICRONEEDLING SERUMS tank enables ideal solution dosage and its complete absorption. Absorption of active substances contained in the solution is up to 500% higher in comparison to regular application of cosmetic products.

Its unique features optimize both the experience and result which provides you smoother, brighter, healthier and younger-looking skin.


Clean your face with warm water and mild disinfectant (we recommend the use of PHI WIPES ASEPT wet wipes). Gently tap the skin with the applicator without pressing, until the tank is emptied. Tap under the angle of 90° to the skin surface and turn the applicator in such a way to enable the solution to come out. Wait for the solution to be completely absorbed. After the treatment, apply soothing hydrating cream (Soothing cream, Tango cream, Jive cream).

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